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We are the competition team of martial arts and contact sports at the Leo Urban Sport sports center.

More than 15 years preparing competitors

More than 100 competitors from Karate Kyokushin and Kick Boxing

Multiple Spanish champions and European medalists

We still have many challenges ahead

Support us

Your help will allow our sports team to continue growing more and with better means.

Defend the values we transmit through martial arts

Help us to finance the costs of participation in championships, courses and seminars

Directly support our local athletes

Provide more value and greater visibility to your brand


We offer you a lot of options with which you can collaborate with us and we are open to your proposals.

Financial sponsorship: finance our costs of participation in events

Media sponsorship: support our team by giving us more visibility

Sponsorship of material: provides training material and infrastructure

Clothing sponsorship: pay the costs of our sportswear


Your brand will be visible through a wide variety of channels that we have.

In our sports center: posters, flyers, sports equipment...

On our website and also in the Sponsors section

On our social networks: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

In our sports luggage: tracksuits, t-shirts, backpacks...


Our sports team attends competitions and events located around the world.

Valencian Community: cups and local qualifying championships

Spain: national championships and courses

World: European and international competitions

Only during the last 5 years we have participated in events in more than 10 countries

Are you interested?

Get in touch with us and visit our facilities.